Shelter From the Rain

Via Renegade wolf 9000 on Flickr

The other day, it was raining outside and I was walking into church.  On the sidewalk outside of church, I saw a couple of children from our church: two brothers and their cousin.  They came up to me, one of the boys holding an umbrella.  As I often do when I speak with children, I crouched down to get on their level, and they came and put the umbrella over my head.  The brother dug in his pocket, and pulled out a “fun size” candy bar and held it out to me, “for you,” he said.

These were two of the simplest things, but deeply meaningful gestures.  I’m sure that neither of these three children thought carefully about what they were doing, and I’m positive that they didn’t realize that they provided a small glimpse into the new heaven and new earth.

Two gestures were gestures purely of love and selfless concern.  These children were not gaining anything by sharing their umbrella with me, and they were not gaining anything by offering me a gift.  It never ceases to amaze me how something so simple as the sharing of an umbrella while someone talks to me uplifts my spirits and builds up my faith.

I think that this is what heaven is like.  It is like three children who share an umbrella with a pastor that they’re just getting to know.

Of course, these children had no idea of any of this.  All they knew was that I was getting wet, and they had an umbrella, and they decided to share.

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